Strengthening Your Board

Managing Generational Transition

Providing Interim Leadership

Muir Detlefsen and Associates is an active advisory firm that creates substantial economic value for its business and investor partners by revitalizing and realizing the full potential of challenged businesses.

Muir Detlefsen & Associates brings to every assignment a wealth of intellectual, relationship and financial capital, accumulated over highly successful careers as senior executives, board members, professional advisors and investors.

- A recent MD&A Client

How do we help shareholders and executives improve the performance of their business to realize its full potential?

  • Perform a comprehensive diagnostic of the business, looking at the strategy and its execution, the people, the hard and intangible assets, the capital structure and the profit drivers, to come to a view on what we think is best for the business going forward.

  • Advance our recommendations and work with the company to execute the new direction, often investing beside the existing shareholders.

  • Earn a pre-negotiated (contingent) performance award for the value we help create, payable only when the other shareholders receive the increased value of their shares.