Case Studies

Below you will find case studies that demonstrate some of the different ways Muir Detlefsen has helped our clients find the right solutions to a variety of challenges.

Troubled Investment >>

A private equity firm holds an investment that has significantly underperformed. The fix requires a comprehensive strategic and operational review, a likely restructuring, and possibly new executive leadership. Neither the investor nor the investee company is able to mobilize the required resources. The private equity firm partners with Muir Detlefsen & Associates, which analyzes the company and its industry, develops a new strategic and operating plan, assumes interim management control, recruits new executive management, and takes responsibility for the successful execution of the operating plan.

Interim or Full-Time Management >>

One or more key members of a company’s executive management team leave. The Board of Directors would like an in-depth strategic, operational and managerial review performed before commencing an active executive search. The company partners with Muir Detlefsen & Associates to fill one or more executive positions on an interim or full-time basis to complete the assessment, oversee the running of the business and assist in attracting and securing the right people for the open positions.

Time for a Change >>

An institutional investor in a public company is dissatisfied with the performance of the company and would like to more actively exercise its influence on the company’s strategic direction and management’s execution of that plan. The institutional investor partners with Muir Detlefsen & Associates to elect a slate of new Directors. The new board commissions Muir Detlefsen & Associates to revitalize the company’s business strategy, operating and financial plans, and leadership team. Muir Detlefsen & Associates then oversees the implementation of the new plans in conjunction with company management.

Covenant / Liquidity Challenge >>

A CEO is concerned that her company’s credit ratios may soon breach its loan covenants. The company partners with Muir Detlefsen & Associates to develop and execute an action plan designed to ward off any potential liquidity issues.

Generational Change >>

Ownership of a family-controlled conglomerate is passed to the next generation that does not have anyone actively involved in the business. The “new” owners hire Muir Detlefsen & Associates to perform a strategic review of the conglomerate’s businesses and execute the sale of the non-core assets.

Foreign Investor >>

A non-Canadian investor has targeted an industry in Canada in which it would like to invest. It would like to conduct some research on an extremely confidential basis and knows it will need knowledgeable and well-connected locals to help it manage an investment once made. The foreign investor partners with Muir Detlefsen & Associates, which researches targets, negotiates and executes the investment transaction, and helps manage the investment by taking one or more seats on the board.

Investment Fund Oversight >>

Due to some key personnel departures or economic underperformance, an investor requires new management of a group of minority and/or majority control investments. The investor partners with Muir Detlefsen & Associates to provide strategic and transactional assistance, and then asks Muir Detlefsen & Associates to manage the portfolio of investments.

Partner Break-Up >>

Long-time partners are at loggerheads over the current performance and future direction of their business. They ask Muir Detlefsen & Associates to assess their current operations and future prospects, and facilitate the sale of the departing partners’ shares to the remaining partners or a new investor group.